Rather than talk about ourselves we decided to let our customers...do the talking. From testimonials on this page you can learn what to expect when ordering a custom made dress from us.

You will find out what quality, design and service you are going to receive.

Thank you  for the amazing job you have done, I tried the dress and did not want to take it off! The colour is gorgeous, the quality of the fabric and the attention to details, even including the earrings is so thoughtful. The feathers give it a modern look I find. I will definitely keep it, great work!


Sorry, I was away from email …… I received the dress, and it is FABULOUS! ….it surpassed my expectations, and I can’t wait to wear it this Saturday. Thank so much for you time, patience and assistance.

I have gotten the dress this morning. Yeeeeeaaaa!The dress is SOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! And it fits PERFECTLY!!!!! I LOVE it!!! I LovE iT!!!!I lOVe IT!!!!!! Thank YOU very much for you design, hard work and suggestions!!I have already worn and danced with it at the dance studio this afternoon. I was able to dance much better than usual!! Is it illusion““? Ha ha EVERY instructors LOVE it! Really!! They said I have to get the first prize for every smooth ones. Dha~~~Love&Hug,

Yuki USA

I wanted to tell you the dress is beautiful and it fits beautifully as well. I love it!! Thank you so much. Hopefully, I’ll get some good pictures at the comp this weekend, so I can send a pic of me in the dress.

I have just received my dress, i’m impressed, beautiful, beautiful dress, very will fitted beautiful design,thanks a lot, u made every thing easy for me, i loved the dress, thanks for magdallina ,please send me how to do the payment, thanks alot,hoda

Hoda Egypt

Fortunately I got the great results in my first dance competition because of your WONDERFUL DRESSES! Within about 500 competitors- Intermediate Bronze (American Waltz, A. Foxtrot, A. Tango, A. Rumba, A. Cha- cha, A. Salsa and A. Eastern Swing) -, I’ve gotten twenty-three of 1st-place, two of 2nd-places and one of 3rd place in my 26 dances. Yea~~~~! It worked! So beautiful and glittering dresses got the judges -two judges are International Latin Champions (Russians) and one is National Council of Dance member. Thank YOU soooooo much!!!!! I’ll send you the pictures soon.I seem to be addicted with your dresses! I cannot dance without your dresses!! I’d like to get more and more““I’ll start to think the next dresses. Could you show me some other designs for Ballroom&Latin except on your website?Thank you! Thank YOU!!!!THANK YOOOOOOOU!!!!!