We Specilize In  CUSTOM MADE 
Dresses For Smooth,Ballroom, Latin and Rhythm Dancers.

Reason # 1:  Unique Dresses


To us every dancer is SPECIAL and UNIQUE.

And that’s exactly how we DESIGN, create and DECORATE each of our dress. We make sure your dress it’s one of a KIND.

Over the years we have made few thousand dresses. Each one is stunning and UNIQUE, as our customers like to call them a “REAL SHOW STOPPER”.

Reason # 2:  Perfect Fit


All of our dresses come with PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE.

We are using special, ADJUSTABLE mannequins, that can be rearranged to EXACTLY imitate your body size and shape.

You will get CLEAR and detailed VIDEO instruction how to easily measure yourself. As long as you provide correct measurements you can be sure your dress will FIT LIKE A GLOVE

Reason #3:  Order 100% Risk-Free


We offer SATISFACTION GUARANTEE policy, that OTHER dressmakers simply can’t match.

You can order MADE TO MEASURE dance dress from us 100% RISK-FREE. 
If for any reason you are not happy about the quality, design or FIT you can send it back to us for a FULL REFUND.

Reason #4:  High Quality And Experience


We are an EXPERIENCED European company making ballroom dresses since 1991.
We are present on Internet as BALLROOM DRESSES SHOP since 2001.

We have been working with dancers from Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. Our dresses are made only with HIGHEST QUALITY fabrics from TOP suppliers in UK.

Reason #5:  Nice & Easy Ordering Process

ballroom dress shopping

It took time to find the BEST WAY to communicate with our customers.

Many of them had hard time explaining what kind of dress they want. Using our tools like DRESS WIZARD and ONLINE CONSULTATION you will be able to easily explain you design ideas, colour preferences, choice of fabrics, style of decoration.

Our designer will personally take care of your order and will talk to you about ideas for your NEW DRESS. You will also receive beautiful hand drawn DRESS DESIGN with detailed description. So you have all the details before you confirm the order.

Reason #6:  Quick Service & Free Worldwide Shiping

ballroom dress shopping

Once we take your order, you can expect stunning MADE TO MEASURE ballroom dress, delivered to your door in 3-4 weeks ( USA +7 days, Australia +10 days)

(*Wherever you live, shipping is absolutely FREE)

Reason #7:  Trusted By Dancers

ballroom dress shopping

We are #1 choice for many dancers from all over the WOLRD.

We have customers from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, France, Norway and many other countries. We make ballroom dresses for beginners, amateurs and professional dancers. Whatever your dance experience or dress expectations we will make the dress that’s perfect for you.

Here are some of the TESTIMONIALS from our HAPPY CUSTOMERS:​

Thank you  for the amazing job you have done, I tried the dress and did not want to take it off! The colour is gorgeous, the quality of the fabric and the attention to details, even including the earrings is so thoughtful. The feathers give it a modern look I find. I will definitely keep it, great work!



Sorry, I was away from email …… I received the dress, and it is FABULOUS! ….it surpassed my expectations, and I can’t wait to wear it this Saturday. Thank so much for you time, patience and assistance.

I have gotten the dress this morning. Yeeeeeaaaa!The dress is SOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! And it fits PERFECTLY!!!!! I LOVE it!!! I LovE iT!!!!I lOVe IT!!!!!! Thank YOU very much for you design, hard work and suggestions!!I have already worn and danced with it at the dance studio this afternoon. I was able to dance much better than usual!! Is it illusion““? Ha ha EVERY instructors LOVE it! Really!! They said I have to get the first prize for every smooth ones. Dha~~~Love&Hug,

Yuki USA