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THINGS you should know before buying dress ONLINE.



In this short article I will share with you 20 years of my very own experience in dressmaking, working with hundreds of dancers, and running an ONLINE dance dress store for over 10 years.


I will cover most important information, that might save you hundreds of dollars, and spare you unnecessary disappointment.


You will learn here:

  • Quality components: fabrics, stones, labor.

  • General sizes and custom fitting.

  • Secure payments and return policy.

  • Unique, original dresses and mass production.

  • Recent trend of upgrading cheap dresses WARNING!!!

  • Ballroom dress as investment.

  • Custom-made, second-hand, and ready to wear dresses. Pro and con

  • What you HAVE to know before choosing a dressmaker.

So let us start

As it comes to quality there are two major components, and they are fabrics and stones used for decorations. Actually stones are the most expensive component of the dress. There are three main kinds of stones, they are Swarovski, Preciosa and Korean stones. Of course well-known Swarovski are the most expensive, and also the highest quality. They give very reach, elegant look, and sparkle really beautifully on the dance floor. There is really a big difference between dresses decorated with Swarovski, when you see one is simply can’t take your eyes off it. All of the costumes worn by professional top dancers are decorated using Swarovski stones only.

As far as fabrics, there is a big difference in quality. For example satin is one of the most commonly used fabrics for the skirt. And you can get cheap satin for as little as a couple of dollars, and you have to be prepared to pay up to $30 for a high quality, stretchable satin. The difference is not only in initial look of dresses made out of these two different fabrics, but especially in how long these dresses will last. If you are ready to spend a little more on your dress, you will be able to sell it a year later at a reasonable price. You will probably get a half amount of money you have spent to buy a new dress. That’s the reason many people look into buying a new dance dress, as an investment. A few hundred dollars, that you thought you saved, in the long term term might turn out to be a waste of money. Because if you want to be able to sell your dress, you will have to pay a full amount for your new dress.

Quality of labor. When you move and sweat, you will feel if even was properly made, and if body suit is well fitted. The last thing you want to have on your mind while dancing is to think if your dress will fall apart or not

Questions you should ask before choosing your dressmaker:

  • Does the owner, designer or any of the employees have dance experience?
  • Are they using dedicated dance-wear fabrics, and who is their supplier?
  • What stones are they using for decorations?
  • Do they accept returns?
  • Are they using adjustable mannequin’s, detailed measurements forms, or just general sizes?
  • Is each dress unique, or mass-produced?
  • Are they making full bodysuit dresses?


Checklist of what you need to remember when ordering your dance dress.

So you have learned a lot here, you know what to look for, and what to avoid when buying your ballroom dress.

Our mission here @ is to make highest quality ballroom dresses and to provide excellent customer service at reasonable prices.
Our goal is to be one of the leading ONLINE companies making DANCE DRESSES.