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If you want to wear a ballroom dress that is really unique, truly standing out on the dance floor your best chance is to go for a custom made dress. 
There are quite a few ballroom dress designers that you can find on Internet. So how do you choose the right person?

If you want to make sure that your dress doesn’t just look good but also moves well, get a ballroom dress designer that has a lot of experience in ballroom dancing. Unfortunately there are stylists creating ballroom dresses, but they don’t have any dance experience. Dress designed by them might look really good, but often disappoints when it comes to movement.

On the other hand there are dancers that are making dance dresses, but they lack design and dressmaking skills. So you should really look for a combination of someone who has both:  ballroom dancing and dressmaking experience.

Another very important thing is that the dress is not created around good design idea, but around you.  That means considering your unique look, your body size and shape, your personality and your dance floor presence. How you feel wearing the dress will determine how well you perform.

Finding qualified ballroom dress designer is just the first step. Next you need to find someone who can transfer that idea from the paper, and create a real costume. That means designer and dressmaker should work hand-in-hand to make that idea come through.

So, when you are looking for ballroom dress designers, choose someone with ballroom dance knowledge.


Magdalena has been a TOP ballroom dancer for over 15 years. She has been a finalist of many prestigious dance competitions around the world.

She has also performed on world’s biggest stages as part of ballroom dancing musical Burn The Floor.

She was working in London for top dressmaking company for almost 5 years. After that she has started designing for ballroom dresses

It’s been already 12 years as we work close together. Our customers are extremely happy as we created a company that combines her unique talent and our dedication and experience in dressmaking. Our stunning, unique dresses really speak for themselves.


Book your ONLINE CONSULTATION with our qualified designer Magdalena today. She will help you decide what style is suitable for you, what you want to showcase in your dancing, and how do you want to be perceived as a dancer.



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